Motorcycle Camping Gear

For most bikers, a motorcycle is more than just a unique and exciting way to get around - it's a way of life. Your bike can open up new destinations and experiences that you may be unable to find anywhere else. With the right bike, you can own the roads of Australia, exploring vast wilderness and stunning nature with the wind in your hair and adrenaline in your muscles. Of course, there comes a time during any journey when you need to stop and rest. That's where Third Gear motorcycle camping equipment comes in.

Our robust range of camping equipment is designed to help you continue your adventures, wherever they take you. We believe that motorcycles should remove the restrictions that other vehicles face on a regular basis, which is why we think you should be prepared to spend a night under the stars with your bike whenever the mood calls for it. Check out our range of multi-person tents and sleeping bags for a camping experience you'll never forget. 

Mini Knife - Black
10PCs Metal Spinner Lures
1L Dry Bag

1L Dry Bag


20L Solar Camp Shower
3 Hole Quick Rope Tie
4' X 6' Tarp

4' X 6' Tarp


6 in 1 Utility Key
6 Section Lure
8 in 1 Survival Tool
Biodegradable BBQ Set
Dome Tent - 2 Person
Dome Tent - 4 Person
Enamel Bowl - Black, 450mL
Enamel Plate - Black, 25cm