Motorcycle Plastics

Need a quick and effective way to make your motorcycle look more incredible than ever? At Third Gear, our range of robust and beautifully-designed motorcycle plastics are created not only to stand the test of time, but to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your bike too. Available in several colours to help you maximise the appearance and performance of your vehicle, our plastics include supermoto mudguards and front number plate solutions. Simply select the design you need to enhance your motorcycle project instantly!

Each of our plastics are made to the highest quality standards, designed using the most reliable materials available in Australia, to ensure that you get robust durability and the lightweight performance that you need. The mounting holes in the equipment are ready for quick and easy installation, so you can simply slot your new motorcycle accessory into place with as little work as possible. Browse our range of universal plastic motorcycle accessories today to find the perfect fit for your project today!