Want to upgrade your motorcycle experience? Third Gear has everything you need for safety, comfort and performance. From motorbike tank pads, to goggles, ram mounts, to spoke wraps, our vast collection of high-quality motorcycle products has something for everyone. Browse through our incredible branded keychain collection, or reduce your chances of scratches with robust tank pads. Whether you're customising a bike or creating one from scratch, Third Gear motorcycle accessories are designed for excellence.

Third Gear motorcycle accessories are sourced from the best materials and manufacturers that Australia has to offer, with top-of-the-range reliability designed to stand the test of time. Monitor your performance with an LED battery solution, or protect your hands from the harsh weather of Australia with great gloves. No matter what you need to enhance your biking experience, Third Gear can help, with motorcycle accessories to suit every need, style and budget. Discover what we can offer you today!

Spoke Wraps - Black
Emergency Cable Repair Kit
GPS Adapter Base with 1" Ball
Single LED Light - Amber
Spoke Wraps - Blue and White
Pin-Lock Security Knob
Rubber Keychain - Suzuki
Single LED Light - Red
Spoke Wraps - Blue and Black
12V Battery Clip On DC Socket
12V DC Handlebar Mount
12V LED Battery Monitor
3" Solo Seat Spring
3" Tapered Seat Spring