Motorcycle Horns

Need to make sure that you can demand attention on the roads of Australia? No matter whether you want to make yourself heard when you speed along your local streets, or you're simply searching for something to enhance the overall impact of your bike, our Third Gear motorcycle horns can help. Third Gear horns are designed fit perfectly with the style and shape of your motorbike, while giving you the additional volume you need. All our options are 12V as standard and are made to the highest quality-testing standards, so you can rest assured that you're getting nothing less than the best.

Whether you're buying for a complete cafĂ© racer upgrade, or you want to make sure that you have absolute security and confidence wherever the road might take you, Third Gear motorcycle horns are reliable, effective and powerful. We offer low prices, quick delivery and incredible customer service so that you can enjoy every aspect of your motorcycle development project. Each horn is easy to install and we also offer a range of colours to suit your design preferences.