Motorcycle Handlebars and Components

Make motorcycle handling a breeze and enhance your riding position with the right set of motorcycle handlebars from Third Gear. We offer a range of unique handlebar styles, designs and solutions to suit every motorbike. From performance bars designed to improve speed and agility, to touring handlebars that make managing your vehicle more comfortable - no matter the conditions - Third Gear can give you the ride you've been searching for.

At Third Gear, our motorcycle handle bar solutions are available in a range of different shapes to suit the unique needs of your motorcycle project. Whether you're looking for a custom drag bar, clubman handlebars, or low-bend handlebars, we have something for every need and budget. We even stock a range of handlebar risers and handlebar mount solutions to help improve the comfort and convenience of your bike. No matter whether you're adjusting your ride with motorcycle accessories, or building something from scratch, our extensive catalogue is sure to have what you need. Check out the incredible options and low prices that we have to offer today! 

Retro Grips - Black
Gran Turismo Grips - Black
Motorcycle Street Foam Grips
Oversize Hand Guard Adapters
Superbike Rubber Grips
Cross Bar Pad - Black
Jackhammer Grips - Black
Motorcycle Barrel Foam Grips