Motorcycle Handlebar Switches

Switches might not be the most exciting part of building your own personal cafĂ© racer motorcycle, but they're essential for a range of different reasons. Whether you're looking for horn/headlight dip switches, simple brake-light switches, or handle bar switch assemblies, Third Gear has something to suit every part of your bike building project. Our vast range of motorcycle switches are quality tested for performance and brimming with performance reliability too. After all, you want to make sure that every part of your ride works perfectly, from the powerful engine, to the smallest of switches. 

Our amazing range of motorcycle switch solutions are made using the highest quality materials to ensure absolute durability and incredible performance on the roads. They're easy to use and install. Browse through our collection today to find everything from universal ignition switches, to brake pressure switches at affordable prices. 

Kill Switch - Honda CRF
Universal Head Light Switch
Chrome Horn Kill Switch - Red
Handle Bar Switch Assembly
Kill Switch - Kawasaki
Kill Switch - Suzuki
Kill Switch - Yamaha YZ
Magnetic Kill Switch
Map Switch - Honda CRF-R 2016
Starter Switch - Honda
Starter Switch - KTM
Starter Switch - Yamaha
Universal Kill Switch