Motorcycle Tie Downs

Looking after your pride and joy is about more than making sure you have the right engine and the right accessories. It's important to keep your motorcycle safe and secure when it's not in use. That's why at Third Gear, we offer a host of motorcycle accessories designed not only to keep your bike looking its best, but enhance its security too. Our heavy-duty motorcycle handlebar harnesses and tiedown straps will make sure that your bike stays exactly where it's meant to be, so you can rest easy while transporting.  

Available in a range of different styles and designs, our Third Gear harnesses and tiedowns are durable and well-made, perfect for giving you the security you need when you can't watch your pride and joy every moment of every day. Though we recommend that you also use locks to keep your bike safe, harnesses and tiedowns can reduce the chances that your bike will end up falling or suffering from unexpected damage. Check out our range of motorcycle harnesses and tiedowns today! 

Tyre Tie Down Strap
Fork Block - Small
Giant Loop Lift Strap
Fork Block - Large
Oxford Bar Strap Harness
Oxford TUV/GS Bungee XTEND
Tie Down Loops
Tie Down Points