Motorcycle Exhausts

Whether you're searching for just a little bit of extra power in your motorcycle project, or you just want to improve the aesthetics of your pride and joy, a Third Gear motorcycle exhaust replacement is a must-have. Our bike exhausts are designed using the highest-quality materials in arrange of different colours and styles to meet the unique needs of your motorcycle. No matter whether you're looking to upgrade your café racer, or you're simply searching for an exhaust reducer kit, Third Gear have got you covered!

Our incredible exhaust solutions each offer unique benefits for your motorcycle project, from turnout exhausts, to Widemouth megaphone exhaust and tapered exhaust systems. Take a look at our outstanding range today, we have something to suit every budget. These impeccable exhausts are sure to produce a sound that will make any other biker green with envy! 

Exhaust Reducer Kit
1.75" Baffle Silencer
Slash Cut Exhaust - Chrome
1.5" Baffle Silencer
Black Exhaust Springs 57 MM
Black Exhaust Springs 75 MM
Black Exhaust Springs 83 MM
Black Exhaust Springs 90 MM
Exhaust Header Guard
Exhaust Wrap - Black
Exhaust Wrap - Tan
Exhaust Wrap - White
Shorty Exhaust
Slash Cut Exhaust - Black
Tapered Exhaust
Turnout Exhaust
25mm Exhaust Wrap - Black
25mm Exhaust Wrap - Titanium
Exhaust Packing