Motorcycle Parts

Why pay a dealer to upgrade and improve your motorcycle experience when you can do it yourself? At Third Gear, we stock a host of exciting aftermarket and OEM motorcycle parts and spares designed to enhance and optimise your road experience. From headlights and brake lights equipped to offer essential safety, to indicators, windshields and speedometers, we've got Australian motorcycle parts sourced from the best brands, for absolute peace of mind and durability.

No matter whether you're looking for a way to repair a problem in your existing motorcycle body, or you want to enhance and improve your driving experience, we've got a range of parts to suit your needs. From strong and reliable plastics, to comfortable seats, robust mirror mounts, horns, air filters, batteries and handlebars, Third Gear stocks everything you need to transform your biking experience. Why wait another moment for the motorcycle you've always wanted? Browse through our fantastic range of Motorcycle parts and bike accessories to begin your project today!  

Fuel Line Fast Connector
Magnetic Kill Switch
Fuel Line - Black
Reflective Rim Tape - Red
Brake Pin - 16.3*52mm
Chrome 12V Motorcycle Horn
Off-Road Tyre Bead Buddy Tool
1/4" Inline Glass Fuel Filter
Cafe Racer Chrome Headlight
Chain Roller 32 MM
Chain Roller 42 MM
Exhaust Packing
Exhaust Wrap - Tan
Footpeg Bolt On Cleats
Fuel Line - Dark Blue
Headlamp Visor - 4 1/2"
Honda Indicator Leads