Motorcycle Tools

No matter whether you're building your motorcycle from scratch, or improving an old model, Third Gear are on hand to be your one-stop-shop for tools, supplies, parts and equipment. From Co2 kits and exhausts, to gauges, locks and oils, we've got absolutely everything you could need to make your café racer project a success. After all, building your pride and joy is almost as fun as riding it through the Australian streets!

At Third Gear, we only offer the highest quality products available on the market and strive to find you the hottest new components and tools that not only improve the performance of your motorcycle, but make your workshop activities more convenient too! After all, you want to be sure that the bike you put together is as reliable and sturdy as it is powerful. With Third Gear, you won't have to pay for a dealer to upgrade your bike for you - instead, you can build the bike you've always wanted from scratch, all the way from the exhaust, to the tyres! Our motorcycle tools and workshop products are sourced from the best brands, for absolute quality, no matter your project. 


Spark Plug Gap Tool
Brake Bleeder Vacuum Pump
Digital Clamp Meter
Drain Plug Washer Mini Kit
Fork Block - Large
IPONE Visor Rain-Off - 100ml
Nylon Rivet Kit
6 in 1 Spoke Wrench
IPONE Cleaner Polish -  750ml
10 MM Swingarm Spool - Black
120 Piece Standard Fuse Kit
180 Piece Wire Terminal Kit
24cm Tyre Lever
3 Way Socket Wrench
77 Piece Thread Repair Kit
Adjustable Hose Clamp
Brake Pin - Rear Caliper
Carb Jet Cleaner Wire Set
Electronic Brake Fluid Tester
Fork Cap Wrench 46/50MM
IPONE Chain Cleaner - 750ml