Motorcycle Speedometers And Tachometers

Need to know exactly how much speed your bike can produce? Whether you want to make sure that you're sticking to the laws of the Australian speed limits, or you simply want something to brag about when racing your new motorcycle, our Third Gear speedometers can help. Designed to fit perfectly onto your bike and available in a range of styles, we offer everything from CafĂ© Racer LED mini motorbike speedometers, digital and analog GPS speedometers to tachometers to help you make the most out of your need for speed on the Australian roads.

A motorcycle speedometer is one of the most important parts you can invest in for your motorcycle. After all, it's crucial to understanding your bike's abilities and promoting safety too. Whether you're looking for something that's purely practical, or you want to upgrade your bike's appearance at the same time, Third Gear is sure to have something that suits your needs. Check out our incredible range of motorcycle speedometers today!