Motorcycle Tail Lights

Stay safe on the roads of Australia with Third Gear's extensive range of incredible motorcycle brake light solutions. Though your thirst for speed might drive you forward when you're adapting and building your perfect motorcycle, it's important to remember that safety comes first. At Third Gear, we not only offer a host of motorcycle accessories designed to enhance your bike's performance, we also supply plenty of solutions that are intended to improve security and safety too!

From LED Miller style brake lights with added brackets, to clear motorcycle LED taillights and motorcycle rear LED tail kits, we've got something to suit every need.  We even have classic and cat-eye twin brake lights designed to suit the style and needs of your particular bike. Make sure that you're prepared to tackle any adventure with safety and security, using Third Gear's extensive range of lighting solutions. Our robust motorbike brake lights are available in a host of styles and colours, so why not start exploring today? 

Alloy Rear Brake Light
Miller Replica Stop Light
Alloy Clear LED Tail Light
Cafe Round Tail Light - Black