Motorcycle Hand Guards

Sometimes, it takes more than just a great set of gloves to keep your hands protected during a rough riding experience. Whether you're racing through the outback of Australia, or you're satisfying your need for speed, it's crucial to keep your hands defended and your grip strong with a set of motorcycle hand guards. At Third Gear, our bike hand guards and hand guard adapters are designed to help you maintain complete control over your motorcycle.

Our handguards can be used to add additional safety and security to your riding experience. We even offer solutions that have been enhanced with white and amber LEDs to make you more visible on the roads. Whether you simply want to upgrade the appearance of your bike, or you're looking for a way to feel more secure, no matter what the unpredictable roads of Australia have to throw at you, Third Gear motorcycle hand guards could be the solution! Check out our vast catalogue today to discover a range of styles and incredible deals.