Motorcycle Fuel Containers

Whether you're heading out for a long journey, or you simply want to answer the call of adventure, you don't want to have to worry about what's going to happen if you run out of oil or need extra fuel. That's why Third Gear stock a range of motorcycle containers to help you make the most out of every ride. From oil tray storage tanks, to auxiliary fuel petrol tanks, we've got everything you could need to make sure that you never have to compromise on an incredible riding experience. After all, the motorcycle lifestyle is all about freedom!  

Our range of motorcycle containers are designed using the highest-quality materials for durability and we'll deliver them to you fast so that you don't have to spend days waiting by the letter box. At Third Gear, we're devoted to exceptional quality and even better customer service, so why not check out what you could accomplish with our range of tools and motorcycle accessories today?

Oil Tray Storage Tank - 5 L
500 ml Oil Jug with Lid
3L Jerry Can

3L Jerry Can


Auxiliary Fuel Petrol Tank