Motorcycles Covers

As much as we might like to spend all day on our motorcycles, there comes a time when you'll probably need to take a break. When you can't leave your bike in a garage or a shed, the next best thing you can do to protect your pride and joy, is use motorcycle covers to defend your vehicle against the elements. We all know how temperamental the Australian climate to be and Third Gear's range of motorcycle covers can help to defend your bike from rain, debris and UV exposure. That means that your bike will look and perform its best for longer!

Our vast selection of sleek and attractive motorcycle covers has been designed to defend your ride and keep it in incredible condition. From lightweight covers that are intended for occasional use, all the way up to heavy-duty solutions that will cope under full-time pressure. You can even use our handy covers indoors to help protect your bikes from dust and fingerprints! Check out our vast range of motorcycle covers today and invest in a reliable solution to protect your ride!