Motorcycle Seats

Your motorcycle experience shouldn't just be fast, powerful and exhilarating - it needs to be comfortable too. That's why at Third Gear, we offer a host of motorcycle accessories designed to improve and upgrade your ride - from comfortable grips for your handles, to fantastically upholstered seats that support your posture for even the longest of drives. Our motorcycle seats are designed to support long drives and thrill-seeking rides equally, so you can feel supported no matter the occasion.

Perfect for maximising the comfort and appearance of your ride, our motorbike seats come in a selection of colours to suit your style. What's more, every option is designed for long-standing durability, so you can rest assured that you will continue to feel the same level of support ride after ride. Browse through our selection today to find the seat that best appeals to you. After all, the perfect motorcycle seat improves your focus on the road, so you can make sure that you enjoy fast, reliable and incredible journeys - wherever you're going. Check out the full range now.