Motorcycle Indicators

A new set of bright and shiny motorcycle indicators can be one of the easiest ways to help your ride look as good as new, without breaking the bank. You can enhance the appearance of your bike, while ensuring that you have the security and safety features you need to feel confident on the Australian roads. At Third Gear, we pride ourselves on offering an extensive motorcycle indicator portfolio, designed to meet the aesthetic and performance requirements of any bike. From bubble indicators to ultra-flex indicators, we have you covered.

Our range goes beyond the indicators and bulbs too, from flush mounted indicators to all the accessories that you might need, including LED indicator resistors, LED flasher relays and Indicator leads, we can help you design the motorcycle of your dream. At Third Gear, we even offer a selection of indicator spacers for some of the most popular motorcycles, including Suzuki brands and Kawasaki. Explore the bike indicator range today and discover your ideal motorcycle parts!


Micro LED Indicators - Black
Indicator Spacers - Round
Riano Bulb Indicators
Alloy LED Indicators - Black
Bellis LED Indicators - Black
Suzuki Indicator Leads
Tear Drop LED Indicators
Acerno LED Indicators
Alloy LED Indicators - Chrome