Motorcycle Mud Flaps

Want to protect your bike and upgrade the appearance of your ride at the same time? All you need is a set of Third Gear motorcycle mud flaps. No matter where your next journey takes you, our mud flaps are robust, durable and ready to protect your vehicle from the harsh dirt and dust of the Australian roads. When it comes to great motorcycle maintenance, we know that keeping your bike clean is half the battle. You can choose from a range of affordable and stylish rear-huggers, made from long-lasting material that doesn't add extra weight to your bike.

Tough, lightweight and designed with precision to give you practicality and aesthetic prowess, our motorbike mud flaps are perfect for any rider - no matter how extreme your hobbies might be. At Third Gear, we make sure that you never have to sacrifice on performance or style when it comes to enhancing and protecting your vehicle. Our unique mud flaps come with Suzuki, Kawasaki, Honda and Yamaha branding, to help ensure that your vehicle looks race-ready and professional. Check out the range today! 

Kawasaki Mud Flap - Small
Suzuki Mud Flap - Small
Honda Mud Flap - Small
Kawasaki Mud Flap - Large
Suzuki Mud Flap - Large
Yamaha Mud Flap - Large
Yamaha Mud Flap - Small
Honda Mud Flap - Large