Motorcycle Fuel Lines

No motorcycle project would be complete without a reliable motorcycle fuel line to keep your bike brimming with power. At Third Gear, we offer a host of unique and incredible fuel options designed to improve the performance of your bike and give it a touch of extra aesthetic appeal too. Whether you're looking for a universal glass motorbike fuel filter to ensure that your motorcycle only gets the purest of energy, or you're searching for a coloured PVC Uni Flow breather hose, we've got something for everyone.

Keep yourself on the right track with a fuel solution that's designed to promote the efficiency and performance of your motorcycle. From simple fuel lines to quality silicone holes that include magnetic fuel filters as standard, Third Gear offers all the motorcycle equipment you need to support a truly incredible biking experience. Check out our range of fuel lines and filter solutions today and start making the most of your bike.


Fuel Line - Black
Fuel Line - Bright Green
Fuel Line - Dark Blue
Fuel Screw

Fuel Screw


Two Way Fuel Valve
1/4" Inline Glass Fuel Filter
Fuel Line - Clear
Universal Glass Fuel Filter
FCR Fuel Screw
Fuel Line - Fluro Yellow
Fuel Line - Orange
Fuel Line Fast Connector
Fuel Line with Filter - Clear