Without a great set of tyres to support your motorcycle, where would you be? At Third Gear, we don't just sell the motorcycle parts to help you create and design the bike of your dreams, we also offer all of the tools that you need to fit those parts too! Browse through our tyre motorcycle tools section to find plenty of reliable tyre levers, alloy rim locks, valve steam components and caps. We've got everything you could possibly need to enhance the performance and appearance of your motorbike in no time!

Whatever you need to protect your tyres, or simply help you to continue looking after your motorcycle so that it's always in the best possible condition, Third Gear can help. Our extensive range of tyre accessories and tools for your motorcycle will help to keep your vehicle running just like should. Plus, you can rely on our exceptional customer service and quick delivery times too! Start browsing through our collection today to find the motorbike tire solutions that you need for your complete bike project.  

Air Valve Puller - Black
Digital Tyre Gauge
Alloy Rim Lock - 2.15
Alloy Rim Lock - 2.5
Dial Type Tyre Gauge
Bullet valve Caps - Blue
Bullet Valve Caps - Green
Michelin Style Tyre Lever
Nut Style Valve Caps - Blue
Pen Type Tyre Gauge
Rim Lock Kit - Gold
Valve Core Remover
Wheel Cleaning Brush Set
10" Racing Tyre Iron
24cm Tyre Lever
Alloy Rim Lock - 1.4 - 1.6
Alloy Rim Lock - 1.85
Bullet Valve Caps - Black
Bullet Valve Caps - Gold
Bullet Valve Caps - Orange
Bullet Valve Caps - Red
Bullet Valve Caps - Silver
Chain Roller 32 MM
Chain Roller 42 MM
Foot Pump With Gauge
Nut Style Valve Caps - Gold