The world has gone mad

Author: Adrian   Date Posted:25 March 2020 

Carona Virus - An Update

Yes, times are tough.  If you are a small business owner it is down right scary at the moment.  A number of companies are not going to survive and we are going to see our economy forever changed by what is happening right now.  

Here is a snap shot of what is going on at Third Gear:

1 - Stock is flowing from Asia with no issues. In fact we just took delivery of a heap of things. Check out the new arrivals page which includes a few new products.

2 - Our staff are going to take some rotating annual leave days and working reduced hours which means we won't be able to answer the phone all the time.  We are still shipping orders twice a day and all emails are being answered with our usual efficiency.

3 - We are a small team and health and safety of my staff is critical. Effective immediately we have closed our doors to the public. There are NO counter sales available.  Don't come.  Please stay home.

4 - The drop in value of the AUD means pricing is going to increase dramatically on a lot of our items. I have already started to raise prices on a number of products. If there is something you want, buy it now. Don't wait.  

As an online business we will be OK. I think.  Our overheads are quite low compared to a standard retail shop and our staff are awesome so they know we all have to work together to get through this rough patch.  

What can you do? Just continue being an awesome customer and buying stuff from us so we can all continue to pay our bills.  Heck if Australia does get locked down what better time to get to work on that bike project you have been putting off?