Have You Seen our New Arrivals?

Author: Adrian   Date Posted:9 July 2021 

One of our best webpages is our New Arrivals section which is consistently updated with all the new and most popular restocks of our best selling products.

Some of our most popular products just landed and include our extremely handy Auxiliary Fuel Petrol Tank and our very popular Pair of Motorcycle LED Indicator Resistors.

Something to really dress up your bike is the brand new Black Cafe Racer Drag Front Fairing to take up the look of your classic cafe racer a notch.  A clear plastic windscreen and made from strong durable ABS plastic this unit is ready for you to pick up and add your own finish too.

Need a bit more length on our H4 sockets for a new headlilght or to move an existing one a wee bit?  H4 Headlight Connector Plug Extension is the perfect solution allowing for an easy plug and play option without having to cut wires and muck about.  Just plug it in and you are now getting 'er done.