We're Moving To Regional Victoria

Author: Adrian   Date Posted:10 February 2023 

Hello Folks

Very soon we are going to start to move our whole warehouse in Tullamarine to Regional Victoria.  This is a very exciting time as it just isn't a growth phase for the business, but also the next step in my personal journey called life.

What does this mean for 99% of our customers? 

Not much.  You will still get great service via Third Gear as we will be an online only business.

What does this mean for 1% of our customers?

Effective immediately we will no longer have over the counter sales available from our dusty and dirty warehouse in Tullamarine.  This will also mean no more local pick up offerings.  We're sorry but financially it just isn't feasible to maintain this service.

Thanks for all the support from Tullamarine over the years and we look forward to even more growth and good times while enjoying working nearer to nature.