Who do we ship with?

Author: Adrian   Date Posted:13 July 2021 

This is a question we get from time to time.  Who do we ship with?  We ONLY use Australia Post for all of our parts.  Handlebars, headlights, tools; everything on our website gets shipped from Tullamarine 3043 and picked up three times a day by the big red van.

Why? They have the largest reach in Australia, they are affordable and do an amazing job even during peak periods.  I've always found myself impressed with the amount of investment they have made in their infastructure to ensure packages get delivered quickly and on time.

Honestly they aren't even the cheapest option for us as we can ship certain products via courier for a tad less but time and time again we receive customer notifications that their order was delivered safely and quickly.  If we wanted to be the cheapest motorcycle accessory retailer in Australia we could, but at what cost?  No one wants to receive their brand new bar end mirrors, or motorcycle indicators, and find they are crushed or delayed in delivery.

We take pride in all of our product offerings, even the $1 pair of Oxford Ear Plugs will get carefully packaged and shipped with Australia Post.